5 Free and Awesome Virus Removal Tools

Computer Viruses stink. However, before I get to the goodies, please hear me out. The tools listed below will not necessarily work for everyone. No matter what program you utilize, or how much it costs, some malware is going to make its way onto your computer. Why? The easy answer is, a lot of malware has been coded to do precisely that. But instead of blabbing on about all that, I’ll get to the point.


Probably the most efficient and well-known of all virus scanners, coveted by computer nerds all over the world. It’s free, it’s highly effective, and it’s tremendously simple to make use of. Not bad, huh? With the free version, you have open it up and hit scan, but the paid version runs on autopilot and is just$24.95 a month for 3 computer systems. Now that’s a pretty awesome deal, right? Most premium virus scanners are much more expensive.

Hitman Pro

Yet another great piece of software. I learned about Hitman Professional from a Computer Repair Jacksonville technician. I attempted about 100 completely different scanners in the past, but found this jewel recommended on a technical bulletin board. “Hitman Professional” they stated. “It works great” someone reported. And it really does. I am now an unpaid marketer for them. Bear in mind, I was searching originally searching for something completely free. However it worked great. And… after utilizing it a couple of extra instances, I fell much more in love with it. Hitman Professional scans a few of your most essential registry keys and compares them to originals. If something is out of place, it fixes it. I’m not just a geek, that’s truly actually really cool. And although Hitman Professional is just free for 30 days (through the trial), one scan normally does the trick. Nonetheless, if you wish to set it and not worry about it – you’ll be able to for solely $24.95 per month.

Junkware Removal Tool

 You might be questioning, “what precisely is junkware” and that’s an excellent query. Whereas there are variations of what it means, it’s principally any software program that makes you assume “man, this software program is junk“. Get it? Junk? Anyway, have you ever ever downloaded a program from the Web that changed all of your Web browser settings? Ever hear of Search Protect? Tivoli? The checklist is fairly intensive, however I’m certain you get the image by now. Junkware Removing Software scans and cleans your startup applications, your Web browsers (each browser in your pc), your registry (spectacular), and all other things contaminated with junk.. It’s the right software for taking out the trash shortly and effectively.


Combofix is a final resort malware scanning and removing software. Though I’ve used it closely through the years, it’s highly effective and sufficient to do some severe injury to your PC if you don’t know what you are doing. For example, one time I ran Combofix on a customer’s PC and on the very subsequent boot, none of their applications performed correctly. Oops. I used to be a bit nervous, however being the professional that I am today, after a couple of changes everything worked again. Nevertheless, had it not been for my technical knowledge, it might have added hours of irritating work to my day. So… when nothing else appears to do the trick, Combofix has your back. One of its options scans for misplaced information. Let’s say you might have 50 system files that have been created last year, however just one that was created this year. That’s simply not regular. I think one is out of place. It is certainly… EVIL. Homicide. Loss of life. Kill. However with one of these aggressive methods, false positives happen. I like to recommend Combofix as a result of it works very good when other options don’t, and it’s totally free.


I get it… CCleaner isn’t a virus scanner. But, it has several useful tools for cleaning up a computer that does have malware on it. Not only that, it’s the only cleaner I would ever endorse. Over time, your laptop accumulates a whole lot of junk. I’m not referring to junkware like talked about above, I’m speaking about damaged shortcuts, web records, data, information in your temporay folders, information in your recycle bin and so forth. With one click, all of the junk is gone. Just like that, and a whole bunch of problems are fixed. Then there is the registry cleaner. A very good one. Every time you uninstall a program, parts of it are literally left behind within the registry. The are called orphans because they have no real home. CCleaner wipes them out. That’s simply an instance, it removes a variety of junk within the registry you’re significantly better off without. The final function of CCleaner that I take advantage of is the uninstaller. Sure, you do already have an uninstaller in your management panel. However, I like to make use of the one in CCleaner as a result of it has a nice interface, is simple to make use of, and it’s situated in the identical place as the other good program options.

You might be questioning, “what precisely does this have to do with malware?” I’m so glad you requested. One of many first issues I do when cleansing out a system with malware is launch CCleaner. I first run the cleaner to take away any malware that could be hiding in a temp folder. Subsequent, I scroll via all of the applications within the uninstaller and take away something that isn’t used. Lastly, I run the registry cleaner to take away any left behind parts of what I uninstalled. It really works. I promise.

Post Wedding Engagement Planning

So you just got engaged, congrats! Now what? Who do you tell first? When do you start planning for the wedding? Should you throw a party? If you are experiencing a bit of stress over what comes next, you are not alone. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take time to relax and collect your thoughts. When you find your inner peace once again, follow these simple tips to get organized and take control.

If your not already, get organized

Create lists to keep track of everything. If you haven’t used Trello before, you’re in for a treat. Trello is free, easy to use, an makes getting and staying organized way too easy. You can start by creating a board contacts. You can then make a list of who you want to go to the wedding and who you don’t want to go (hehe). Remember, recording things helps you remember and ensures accuracy. You can even set up alerts and due dates.

You can then create another board and create seperate lists for ideas, to-dos, and completed. Add checklists you can cross off to stay on point.
Select a day or two throughout the week once you’ll concentrate on wedding ceremony planning. It is also good to sit down and collectively plan. This will help clean up any confusion and double work. If your partner for instance, has already found an answer you continue to search for.

Also, split the to-dos up with your partner. Remember, you’re no longer in this alone. You now have a help meet to help you with life stresses. You still want to make sure you are communicating any decisions that need to be made. That way you are both happy with the outcome. As you can imagine, it is sometimes easy to turn happy occasions into uncomfortable ones. People naturally bump heads, regardless of how much they love one another. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. But if you are going to get married, you have probably figured out that putting your partner’s needs before yours goes a long way.

Remember to stay flexible. Sometimes when we want something to go a particular way, it doesn’t. Rather than getting upset and making the situation worse, be adaptive. While you still may be able to do things exactly the way you want, there may be obstacles to overcome, moutains to climb. Together you are stronger. Work as a team to accomplish your tasks and went something has to change due to circustances or differences in opinion, let them change. You can also find a way to comprimise. Perhaps if you have one thing your way, they can have something their way. Life is much easier when everyone has something to be happy about.

If you choose to use a wedding planner, make sure they are experienced. You can do this by checking their reviews. Don’t just settle for the ones on their website though, check Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Ask around, after all, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who knows someone who will do the very best job. Make sure you are very detailed in what you want with your wedding professional. That way everyone is on the same page and they understand exactly what you want.

Have you thought about any Engagement Gift Ideas yet? By now you probably have a pretty good idea about what your partner is into. For a wedding engagement gift, it’s always a good idea to go with something related to your affection for one another. Jewelry works well for more occasions, engagements included. If you are picking out something for a woman, make sure it is sweet, dainty, and feminine. For a man, it can be dark in color, a bit rugged, and manly.

Impress Your Lady With Computer Repair Services

If you want to impress your lady friend, repair her laptop computer. It is an opportunity to flaunt your TekSavvy and show her how much she means to you all at the same time. She will be pleased her groom to be has a skillset that will provide for her. She will also know that she won’t every have to worry about slow, cluncky computers. She will love you for it.Nothing irritates a woman like a slow computer, especially if she sits in front of one all day. Rather than going into another room, or trying to ignore her, be the hero and calm her woes. Being able to resolve problems is a great way to stop arguements before they ever start. Once she is able to work again, she will be back to her normal self and you can go on and enjoy your day.

She will love it when her laptop runs like new again. Make sure you remove all the bloatware the manufacturer installed. Bloatware needlessly hogs resources and uses computer memory that should go to more important programs, like the ones she uses. If it’s a Dell, you can leave the built in diagnostics software. Dell do a decent job of making computer diagnostics quick and easy.

Slow computers suck, and everyone knows that. Who wants to wait for 10 minutes for their program to open up. And how about trying to type on a slow PC, it makes you want to throw it out the window. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But at the same time, computers can be very costly. Buying a new computer everytime the one you have slows down is just plain silly. Speed her computer up for her and watch that frown turn upside down. You may even get a special favor or two out of it. Just ask another computer repair guru, he will tell you the very same thing.

Maybe she has a nasty virus, rootkit, or backdoor on her desktop computer. These can not only reek havoc on a machine, they can be used by hackers to spy on her, steal her bank account information, or even identity. What girl wouldn’t want a knight in shining armor to protect them from the world’s villans? Protect your lady by making her computer safe and secure so you can both rest easy.

But wait… you are out of town, or she is staying with friends or family. How are you going to strut your manly computer self in front of her when you can’t be there. No worries mate, that’s what remote support software like Teamviewer is for. It’s free, it’s fast, and it will be like you are sitting right in front of her computer. Just think of how cool it will be to her to watch her computer being fixed before her very eyes. She will think you are some kind of superhero coming to her rescue. You will probably even call in her friends to eat snacks, drink wine and watch this amazing man take care of a problem from a completely different state.

Take it from me, I’ve been there and done that. I have received more respect that I could put into words. In fact, one woman that I was dating carved a statue out of oak for me. It’s standing proudly in the neighborhood park at this very moment. People from all around the city gather together by candlelight to stare at it and leave gifts of honor. Seriously.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

An attorney who specialized and studied in criminal law is known as a criminal defense attorney. This lawyer is qualified for defending an individual who is alleged for committing a crime, as also the government for prosecuting the alleged accused. A criminal case will generally involve a defense attorney defending the defendant, which means the alleged criminal, and another attorney representing the government, known as the prosecutor. Defense attorneys, who practice criminal law, have the capability of defending their client from different cases, which vary from a ticket-less travel to an allegation of crime, such as murder. On the other hand, the prosecutors are working for the government to get the alleged criminal prosecuted.

Lawyers specializing in criminal law may be employed by a law firm or by the government, along with independent practice. Sometimes, the government is hiring these attorneys to represent the defendants, which are known as the public defenders. In particular countries, the government is providing the services of a public defender for the alleged criminals, who cannot hire a defendant on their own. The primary task of lawyers in these cases is to provide legal support to their clients. To carry their job efficiently, it is imperative for a criminal attorney to overlook their personal view with regards to the case that they are defending. For example, a defense attorney has to defend his client from the charge of being framed, regardless of his personal belief whether the client is guilty or innocent.

A criminal defense attorney needs to appear in court frequently. Other than the time when they have to spend during the trial, they also have to appear in court for representing their client on various occasions, such as bail hearings. Before they appear in court, defense attorneys need to perform several jobs. They have to spend a considerable amount of time to gather all of the relevant information from their clients before the beginning of the court proceedings. When the prosecutors have given a plea bargain to the defendant, the defense attorney is the one responsible in discussing the subject with the defendant.

Furthermore, a criminal defense attorney will educate the defendant about the legal consequences or implications of accepting a plea bargain. An attorney who practices the criminal law is most commonly required to carry legal research to find out the legal interpretation or laws, which may strengthen the case of the client. Another essential job of an attorney is recording the statements of different witnesses associated with the case. In addition, they could also hire services from expert investigators to get particular parts of the case investigated thoroughly. They will present the results of these investigations to the court trial for the advantage of their client. They could furthermore hire proficient witnesses in order to help the defendants’ case.

With a lot of criminal defense lawyers available these days, it is sometimes hard to select the right and best one. However, if you need an experienced and reputable criminal attorney, you need to get one ahead of time, before you are enabled to do it and be stuck in the jail because of the false accusation.

How to Find the Best Computer Repair Technician

Nowadays, computers are an essential and indispensable part of our everyday lives. Their significance can’t be undermined by any of the tech savvy person or even by the people who aren’t so technically adept. Literally, the computers have taken over almost all fields of work and the reliance on them is exponentially increasing. Due to the fact that computers are made of many electronic components, they might malfunction eventually because they’re prone to wear and tear. If the problem is not that serious and easily diagnosable, most of the computer owners tend to do the computer repair themselves, but if the problem has taken its severe form which cannot be easily diagnosed, then it is the right time to ask the help of professional computer service provider for their repair services.

Fortunately, these days, there are many repair service provider available in the industry. There are 2 possible ways of locating these computer repair service providers: 1: Consulting the repair directories for computers, and 2: Conducting an online search for computer repairs. Most of the reputable repair service providers are listed in the directories or yellow pages which would include their contact details, phone numbers, and physical address. If the computer repair directories don’t contain your desire result, online searching is definitely the best next option. Simple search terms such as computer repairs or repair computers, then adding a specific area (e.g. computer repair Florida), is already sufficient and would yield very substantial results.

Before making a contact with the repair service providers, it’s highly suggested to first go through their complete services portfolio. Service providers have varied portfolios and can offer ranging services. You also need to understand that some might only accept hardware related repairs while others might handle software related repairs only. Once the scope of computer repair services is already confirmed, the next thing that you need to do is to find out the charged fees for the provision of services. It’s would be best to contact multiple service providers and narrow them down based on the repair services and fees that they usually charge. Do some comparison and determine which one suits you best. Most of the repair service providers have their on-site technicians who are capable of doing some computer diagnosis and repairs, but in some cases it’s imperative that the computer will be hauled to their workshop due to the required extensive nature of the repairs which aren’t possible on-site. For the people who don’t have the luxury of time for this option, there’s a new computer repair service called computer repairs/remote computing.

The online repair has taken the computer repairs industry by storm. It separates itself from the conventional repairs due to the fact that there’s no physical intervention required on the owner of malfunctioning computer or the repair workshop. The methods of online repair require a technician, accessing the malfunctioning machine remotely to fix the problem. This mutual beneficial agreement between the owner and technician has made the online repairs immensely favored and popular repair method.

Random DUI Checkpoint Stop

If an officer wants to pull you over, they need to have a legal reason to do so, this is known as probable cause. The officer needs to have a valid reason to believe you committed an offense. So when an officer does pull you over, it is most likely because he or she has seen you do something wrong.

This however, is not the case when it comes to DUI checkpoints. In a checkpoint, police offers are allowed to stop a vehicle without above mentioned probable cause.

Many people have complained that random checkpoints violate the 4th amendment. This is actually true. However, because the government has taken a strong stand against drunk driving, the infringement is deemed a necessary evil. This is the very same concept used to fight terrorism. Our rights are violated in the name of a greater cause.

In the same respect, it is Not an offense to find an alternative route in order to avoid a checkpoint. But still, there are often officers standing by with the sole purpose of pursuing vehicles seen purposely stopping and turning around to avoid the checkpoint. Many law enforcement officials hold the belief that if a vehicle is seen trying to bypass a DUI check point, it is cause for suspicion of drunk driving.

However, even though an officer begins a pursuit of a vehicle avoiding a checkpoint, he or she cannot simply stop the vehicle without probable cause. One resource stated they sometimes follow the vehicle for a while to better determine whether or not the driver has been drinking. If the driver commits a traffic violation, they will then pull them over.

One attorney explained to me that when you are stopped at a random checkpoint, you can actually exercise the 5th amendment and refuse to answer any questions. This is your legal right according to Lawyers in Jacksonville FL. While this may work, it might make for an awkward situation. If you haven’t been drinking and haven’t committed any offense at the time of the stop, obliging the requests of the officer will usually get you back on your way quickly.

In some cases an officer may request that you take a breathalyzer test. The attorney I spoke with explained you also have the right to refuse an alcohol test requested at a checkpoint. This is because you were not stopped for committing an offense. And because sobriety checks are left to officer interpretation, that even sober individuals fail from time to time. However, it must be understood explained the attorney, that laws vary from state to state so you will have to do your research before you decide to take any action towards exercising your rights. Even when if it feels you are being treated unfairly.

Protect Your Computer Data

It’s always a good idea to make sure your computer data is safe from hackers, viruses, and curious minds. Just like you put on more clothes when it’s cold outside, adding layers of security works best.

Another good illustration is how we lock our doors and windows at night to keep our families safe. Likewise, you must take extra precautions to keep your personal data safe. In today’s day and age, everyone gets viruses and just one anti-virus is not enough. As a computer technician myself, every computer I work on that is infected with viruses actually has an anti-virus scanner on it.

There is also the case of misplacing your laptop. It is especially important to ensure you keep your laptop computer data secured with multiple layers of security. Unfortunately, Windows and Bios passwords are no longer effective on their own. I have listed 6 computer security methods (layers) you can implement to protect your computer from unwanted intruders. For more information call or visit a computer repair business to speak with a certified technician who can better help you.

Complex Passwords

Some people use passwords that are pretty easy to guess. In fact there are lists available online that contain various versions of the most commonly used passwords. One of my clients, like many people, use the same password for everything including his master password list and access to his online bank account. The password he uses actually shows up on almost every ‘top 10 passwords not to use’ lists I have found online. When I told him he simply started adding two numbers on the end of it. Convenience… Convenience is often higher on the priority list than security is for many people. This is a huge problem and a big reason why many people suffer from hacking, malware, and data loss.

Complex passwords involve adding a capital letters, numbers and special characters. Some tips are never use names, birth dates, or any other words someone might associate with you. In fact there are many free password crackers that uncover the first few letters of a password. It doesn’t take much to guess the rest. The best idea is to use a random password generator to keep your computer data safe and secure.

Keep Software Updated

How often do you check to make sure all your programs are up to date? I would recommend checking at least once a month, especially any anti-virus programs you have. Many times when software updates are available (especially Windows), the updates were created to secure vulnerabilities in the programming code. Vulnerabilities in computer programs are much more susceptible to hackers and various types of malware.

Surf Smart

Yes, this is a legitimate method of security. And to be clear, I’m not talking about staying away from naughty sites… Surf smart means not clicking on links that could easily be malicious. Most malware is user initiated. Stay away from popups claiming to be anti-virus or registry cleaning software. Don’t download freeware. If you click on a link that takes you to a page that says your software is out of date, exit immediately. This is someone trying to entice you to install a program they can use to access your computer data.

Internet Security

Scammers and hackers are getting increasingly intelligent, making it tough typically to know if an internet site is malicious or not. There are browser plug-ins on the market that can warn you in the event you click on on a hyperlink to a questionable web site.

Email Security

Everyone knows that some viruses are spread by email. If you get an email from someone you don’t know and the email address looks spammy, it’s a good idea to delete it immediately. Sometimes simply opening an email activates a virus. There are also people who pretend to be from your bank or credit card company. They use what’s called ‘phishing’ to get you to enter your in your private information like user names and passwords so they can steal your identity or money. However, banks and credit card companies Never ask you to do that, so be smart and call them if you are unsure. some anti-virus come with additional email security that scans each email as in enters your inbox. There are a lot of options you can look into and pick the one that meets your criteria.

Throwing an Engagement Party

Celebration time is here! Everyone will want to say congratulations in person and what better way than an engagement party. An engagement party is a great way to let everyone know the good news. After all, many of them will be seeing a lot of you and each other as they prepare for the big day to come.

Sometimes, mom and dad or close friends will want to throw their own party, but everyone can come together collectively and host the occasion all at one time. Lately however, an increasing number of couples are hosting their very own events, or best friends are arranging one in their honor.

Parties often fall a few months after the proposal, before beginning the task of planning for the wedding. Typically close friends and family members are invited but it’s ok to invite other people you want to come, after all, the more the merrier. Keep in mind though, you may not want to invite anyone you are not planning on inviting to the wedding. Therefor it’s a good idea to think up a quick wedding guest list before you send out your engagement party invitations. Also, you might end up chatting about your wedding plans at the party, so put together some general ideas so you have an answer for your curious family members and friends at the party.

Remember, you’re not getting married yet, so feel free to celebrate in whatever way makes you happiest. So throw your party as informal or formal as you would like. Although some couples like to match their engagement party decorations with the chosen theme of the wedding, it’s not necessary at all so don’t feel rushed to make quick decisions. Relax and have a great celebration.

If you are going to an engagement party, it’s a good idea to bring a gift so start thinking about Engagement Gift Ideas in advance. While newly engaged couples appreciate your time and congratulations, a special gift shows how much you think about them.

You may enjoy an informal celebration at a pub, or maybe you prefer a formal setting like renting out a clubhouse, whatever the case, it will be as happy as you make it. Bringing a gift to a bar isn’t always necessary, but a nice bottle of wine is always a good idea. In most cases simply using good judgement is the key to making it a special time. When everyone is together celebrating with the bride and groom to be, everything will fall into place.